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Why You need a Nerd and Not AI for Your Website

Why You need a Nerd and Not AI for Your Website

Despite all the buzz, AI is still ineffective in many aspects of content creation. Sure, it can spit out information at lightning speed and make it sound great, but it lacks the human touch that makes your content stand out from the rest. Our goal at w3 Nerds is to create compelling and engaging content for our clients. In this article we will highlight a few key areas in which hiring w3 Nerds can help you in creating unique content for your audience.

Understanding The Content Marketing Funnel 

Top-of-the-funnel content(TOFU) refers to content that brings brand awareness. 

TOFU answers the question, “What’s the problem?”. 

Examples include:

  • Audio podcasts 
  • Blog posts
  • e-Books
  • Infographics
  • Photographs 
  • Primary research 
  • Print media (magazine & newsletter) 
  • Social media content 
  • Video podcasts
  • Web pages

Middle-of-the-funnel content(MOFU) refers to content that enhances awareness through education to allow the lead to be able to better understand and evaluate your products/services. 

MOFU answers the question, “What’s the solution?”.

Examples include: 

  • Case Studies
  • Datasheets 
  • Discounts
  • Downloadable resources 
  • Educational resources
  • Emails
  • Events 
  • Meaningful Web Pages 
  • Offers
  • Quizzes
  • Surveys
  • Technical Videos 
  • Useful resources
  • Webinars 

Bottom-of-the-funnel content(BOFU) refers to content that facilitates conversion. 

BOFU answers the question, “Why choose you?”.

Examples include: 

  • Calculators 
  • Comparison graphics 
  • Customer stories 
  • Demos
  • Events 
  • Free content paired with contact information 
  • Spec Sheets 
  • Webinars

Focus on Middle and Bottom-of-the-Funnel Content (MOFU/BOFU)

Google is a pro when it comes to disrupting top-of-the-funnel content(TOFU), so a great tactic is to focus on middle and bottom-of-the-funnel content instead. AI is much less destructive when it comes to MOFU and BOFU than it is with top-of-the-funnel content. This is simply because MOFU and BOFU is the type of content that prompts your clients to interact with your website, such as adding something to their cart, starting a trial, or opting-in. At the moment, AI does not have this capability. The nerds at w3 Nerds can assist you in this area by making your website as interactive and engaging as possible.

Subject-Matter Experts are Your Best Friend

Subject-matter experts are your best bet when it comes to nuanced content that will resonate with your customers. Our subject-matter experts at w3 Nerds rely on facts, statistics and in-depth research to create valuable content. But more importantly, as it pertains to the world of AI, our subject-matter experts also inject their own personalities into their writing. This is something that AI simply cannot do because the one thing that AI excels at is spitting out facts in a very robotic way. Search engines are growing wiser and identifying AI written (filler) content. The nerds at w3 use an authentic touch to help your website content rank and get the best search engine optimization (SEO) results. This is more important if your business’ industry vertical is highly competitive on major search engines. 

Personalized Writing vs Generic Writing

AI-generated content lacks the soul and personality to draw in your audience. It also can’t make persuasive, counter arguments and weave a narrative. So whether you are writing about page content or trying to write a meaningful product description, the ability for a human to write effective page content is key. AI won’t be able to do this in the foreseeable future which is why human authors have a huge leg up. So, if what you are after is thought-provoking and engaging content, make sure it’s written by one of our nerds! 

Videos and Vlogging

When people hear the word “content” they automatically assume “text”. However, that’s not necessarily the case! Content means text, pictures, video, educational pamphlets, brochures, and other downloadable content on your site. At w3 Nerds, we can help you create videos and vlogs that are sure to be AI proof. One main advantage of utilizing videos and vlogging as part of your content strategy is that they often convey more personality than written text. However, let’s say you have a lot of text-heavy content and don’t know where to start. The nerds at w3 Nerds can help! A great strategy is to repurpose it by turning it into audio and video content. We can also create short-commercials, educational video content, and more. 

Mixed Media and Interactive Content

Sprinkling in mixed media such as graphs, charts, graphics and interactive content is another strategy employed by our nerds. This type of imagery is easier for people to remember and realistically, most people don’t have the time to read a long article. Graphics provide a unique way to deliver memorable content when the situation arises!  

Consider Using Embeddable Elements

At w3 Nerds we always strive to go above and beyond when it comes to content creation! Another great add-on service is to consider content that AI cannot reproduce. Examples include non-stock images that are unique to your business, calculators, quizzes, brochures, forms, and related tools. This type of content adds a visual and interactive element to your website. Text is always necessary to some degree, but these other delivery methods will become more predominant in the future as web agencies catch wind of their usefulness. 

Choose a Nerd and not AI 

AI is a useful tool for certain applications and it will most likely continue to evolve. However, focusing on what AI can’t do gives w3 Nerds an upper hand when it comes to creating uniquely human content that will resonate with your audience. Given the current market and ever-growing need to get a good online presence, hiring a web agency that knows how to effectively utilize these content strategies will give your site the best chance at ranking. The nerds at w3 Nerds are here to assist you with all of your content creation needs! 

The Formula for Advanced SEO Tactics 

As important as it is for quality content as opposed to AI filler content, that’s not the entire picture. Your website needs a design that’s organized for maximizing conversions including meaningful call-to-actions buttons

Front-end content and a proper design is also meaningless if it's not used in conjunction with a website that performs well. This includes a fast, performance-optimized server and keeping up with the latest core website vital updates, such as the major update Google published in 2021

Implementing and incorporating the above pieces to work together like a well-oiled machine is why the Nerds at w3 have been so successful with local SEO in and around West Chester, PA.  

So contact the Nerds at w3 to get started on your next web design, web development, blog, or SEO project.