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Get the Most from Your New Website

Get the Most from Your New Website

The next step to success!

We've taken care of ensuring your new website is responsive, performs well, is unique, follows modern web standards, is secure, reliable, accessible, and compliant. w3 has provided your business with an invaluable tool to support your business with marketing, brand reinforcement, providing information to customers, and an epic web presence to stand out amongst your competition! Below are some tips for you to take full advantage of your website:


1) Market Your Website’s Domain Name

Include your domain name on all signage, print materials, advertisements, business cards, and email signatures. For email signatures, consider adding “check out our new website” with a link to your new website!


2) Get Professional Email Using Your Website’s Domain

Utilize your professional email '' as much as possible to reinforce your brand and put your website domain in view more often. If you have employees, they should all have a professional email. We have many horror stories to share of businesses who lose engagement, customers, leads, etc. when terminating an employee using a personal email account instead of a work email account. 


3) Start an Email Marketing Campaign 

If your new website does not have a newsletter submission section, get one! We can help you start to collect your customers’ email addresses so you can create and send a regular newsletter (weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.) to customers who have signed up on your website or in-store. Regular newsletters re-engage customers and further enforce your brand.


4) Get More Customer Testimonials Published to your Google My Business Profile

Consider offering customers opportunities and/or incentives to review your business on Google! Positive testimonials (both quantity and quality) help your ranking and are often considered when comparing two businesses! Any time you interact with a happy customer, ask them if they would write a Google review. We can help set you up with a quick link on your website or create personalized testimonial business cards and/or brochures with your logo and simple instructions (i.e. use this QR Code) that make it easy for happy customers to leave you a review. Final note, respond to all reviews! Google loves the engagement, even if it’s just to say thanks for a 5-star review!


5) Content is King, so Post Fresh Content on Your Website Regularly 

Engage your visitors with fresh content by writing an article on your website and then sharing it on your businesses’ social media sites. Write and share at least once a month to provide your customers with information either about your business or information that highlights a unique aspect of your business with a link encouraging them to click through to your website for more information. If you need assistance writing new content or would like our team of Nerds to handle this on your behalf, reach out to us to learn about our content marketing packages. 


6) Keep Your Business Information Up-to-date on all Online Platforms

From your website to Facebook, to Google My Business, and more, keep your online presence up to date by updating your online profiles regularly especially if there are any changes to your business that your customers should be aware of!

  • Update your hours if they change (either permanently, seasonally, or due to a holiday)
  • Upload new pictures of your business (exterior & interior)
  • Upload more pictures of your employees performing services you offer
  • Update your address if you move
  • Update your services/products if you remove existing services or start delivering new services to your customers
  • Update your service areas if you expand your business to reach new customers in new territories

We are at your disposal and a resource we encourage you to use. Whenever it comes to a change in your business, reaching out to us can help ensure that all the necessary updates get made to online profiles. All too often a client will update their hours of operation on Facebook, but forget to update their website and their Google My Business Profile. We are here to help! Please reach out! 


7) Never Miss a Website Contact Submission Form 

To ensure you receive each and every contact form submission, two things need to be done. First, ensure you whitelist our notifications email account. Instructions for how to do this can be found at It is also recommended that you whitelist and Second, remember that you can view pre-existing contact form submissions by logging into w3CloudCRM and viewing the “Website Forms Entries Report”. 


8) Spam to Look Out For

An increased online presence means more customers, clients, and leads will start knocking at your door, ringing your phone, or sending emails to your inbox. However, this all too often means that you are now at a greater risk for spam letters, phone calls, and emails. Below is a list of spam messages that you should be aware of. 

  • Google will NEVER call you. So if you receive a phone call claiming they are Google, Google Maps, or some other big tech company. They are most likely spam callers. Block their calls if at all possible and do not ever give out your credit card number or banking information to one of their representatives. 
  • If you receive a letter in the mail that money is owed for your domain name, it is most likely spam. Reach out to us to confirm. Odds are that you can ignore any notification regarding your website domain name from any other source than your current registrar. For example, if you own your website’s domain name through the registrar GoDaddy, then you can ignore letters from other “providers”. When in doubt, contact a Nerd at w3 to confirm the validity of any letters or messages you receive. 
  • If you receive an email regarding your website from anyone except w3, you can disregard their notices as we have found their solicitations to be inaccurate, misleading, dangerous, or spam. If you ever receive an email or contact form submission that contains a link, do not click on it!  When in doubt, forward a copy to, and we can answer any of your questions. 
  • Images Scam: Multiple clients have contacted us reporting a new spam message that is being sent through contact submissions forms claiming there are images used on their website that are in violation of a copyright. They then provide a link to those images. Do NOT click on that link. Clicking on that link could result in a virus being downloaded to your computer causing an array of issues for you. Remember - when in doubt, contact a Nerd at w3! 
  • Our Guide to Preventing Spam


We are on your side and have your back – always! Contact us with any questions, comments, or concerns you may have. We are committed to maintaining long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients. Thank you and I hope you strongly consider enacting the above tips and tricks!