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West Chester, PA Web Design

Our West Chester, PA web design and development team can bring your vision and ideas for your new website to life! We bring years of experience to the table and keep up with modern practices and techniques to make sure you get the most from your new website!

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Why Choose us?

We are constantly researching ways to improve our work and refine our craft. To that end, our West Chester, PA web design and development team is leading the industry in terms of quality of work, page speed, and innovative designs. Below is a list of benefits to choosing the nerds at w3 as your website provider. Does your website stack up?

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  • Local SEO Experts
  • Modern Design
  • Performance-Based Platform
  • Excellent Customer Service
  • Battle Tested Process
  • Managed Website Updates
  • Fast Page Speeds
  • Modern Security Practices
  • High Accessibility
  • Google Profile Management
  • Mobile Friendly (Responsive)

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We hold our websites to a high standard. How does your website hold up?

Our team has helped bring antiquated websites
up to date for over 10 years.

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Why is an updated website design important?

Your website’s design, user friendliness, and development determines your online presence. Even small improvements can greatly benefit customer interactions with your website. Failure to meet industry minimums has disastrous effects on your search engine rankings. For example, websites lacking proper mobile responsiveness are severely punished by search engines. Are you losing traffic unnecessarily?

Businesses can no longer get by with a poorly designed and optimized website. Customers are looking at your website for business validation.

  • Does this website's buissness look credible?
  • Can I envision myself there?
  • Do I trust this website enough to take the next step?

Having a professionally designed and developed website gives you a peg up against your competitors especially if your competitors are behind the times. Your business deserves a website that works as hard as you do. Are you located in West Chester, PA and unhappy with your website's design? Check out our web design process to learn how we pave the path towards online success.

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You miss 100% of the opportunities you don’t take.
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Our Web Development Process

Phase 1: Research & Analysis

We take into account a large variety of factors at the start of every new project. What are your goals for your website? Who’s your audience? What are your local and national competitors doing? Is there more that should be done to give optimal results? How is your current website? Can it be updated, or does it need to be redeveloped? Are you happy with your current design? Why did you choose a West Chester, PA based web design company? Once these introductory questions are answered, we can provide you with a website proposal or agreement and continue moving forward with your account.

Phase 2: Planning & Web Design

First, we sit down with you and your team to capture your vision for your new website. We also take onsite photos/videos and discuss the overarching outline for your new website. Our design team then hits the floor running preparing mockups and continuously working on designs for your new website. An SEO technician will also review your website content and make suggestions to improve your websites success with certain keywords or phrases. An account manager is brought in at various steps along the way to ensure your vision for the website is not lost. Click here to learn more about what makes our West Chester, PA web design unique.

Phase 3: Web Development

Our developers often build websites from scratch. Our custom development process has led our clients to have very successful outcomes due to the custom, performance-based platform used to build our website. Professional developers are also required to ensure proper search engine optimization and mobile responsiveness for your new website.

Phase 4: Testing, Deployment, & Maintenance

We have a long checklist to review prior to and after your new website goes live. Testing is a mandatory step and requires great attention to detail to ensure the best results. After your website goes live, we do not forget about you! In fact, each and every month a nerd at w3 visits your website with list of items to check for. In addition, when our research and development team develops a better way of performing an action or function on your website, we go back to your website and make updates to ensure your website is always up to date!

Phase 5: Analyze SEO

One of the biggest reasons our clients appreciate our services is that we help our clients rank on major search engines like Google. Whether you are looking for national or local SEO, our team of Nerds can help direct and guide your website towards Page 1 of Google. Our performance based platform helps our clients obtain great results. Including a laundry list of clients currently ranking on page 1 of Google. Put a nerd to the test today!