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We have developed a cloud based Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software including feature rich tools to operate your business effectively, saving you time and money!

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w3CloudCRM Software

Our software includes a wide variety of features to save you time and money!

  • Cloud Based: access anywhere, anytime, from any device.
  • Flexible: use any device with an Internet connection (phone, tablet, laptop, desktop).
  • CRM database: manage agreements, documents, events, persons, properties, tasks, timeclock, and many other data objects
  • Secure and Reliable: encrypted connection, secure login, data backed up daily, 99.99% uptime
  • Customizable: extensive settings at every level
  • Reports and analytics: customizable and exportable
  • User Management: extensive permissions for every action for security and restrictions based on rank/title
  • Hosted File Storage: upload and share documents and pictures
  • Support: User friendly team available during our regular hours of operation via phone and email
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Why Your Business Needs A Single Software Solution

Increased Automation & Efficiency

Your employees are repeating the same tasks over and over again. You are bleeding money by wasting their time and it needs to stop now. The tedious tasks they perform on a day-to-day basis needs to be automated so they can focus on customer service, completing their duties/responsibilities on time, and help push your business' train forward. A strong group of employees coupled with an advanced software can allow your company to grow without the need to hire additional employees - ultimately creating more revenue and profit for your business.

Decrease Human Errors

Speaking of wasting time – a manually functioning business greatly increases the chances of human error. Errors can have trickle down effects causing back tracking, retouches to customers, and at the end of the day hurts your business and makes your company look bad in the eyes of your customer. A software solution decreases the chances of human error through validation and easily repeatable processes.

Support and Integration

Choosing a custom software vendor like the Nerds at w3 allows your business to choose a software partner that truly knows code. That knowledge and resourcefulness allows our CRM to integrate with other software solutions, current in house point of sale software, and major financial software products such as QuickBooks.

Increased ROI

A single software solution can make your business more efficient, reliable, and productive. This will give you a strong advantage over your competition and ultimately reduce your expenses. In addition, increasing your company’s workflow will create an environment primed for growth. Together, lowered operational costs, decreased labor requirements, and increased productivity/growth means a stronger return on investment (ROI) after your software investment. Do not delay. Your business craves a stronger, more productive software solution today.

Stop wasting time and energy. Start growing.

Work smarter not harder!

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Software Packages

Fire Police Reporting Package

Each member can logon to create incident reports, customized to your organization’s specific apparatus, tasks, locations, etc. Dispatch integration is also available to get pre-populated data. Saving time, energy, and effort while also providing additional reports and statistics on how you contribute to your community.

Fire Police Package Details

Accountability Package (Formerly w3Responder)

This package includes a host of modules designed to assist fire departments, first responder agencies, trucking/shipping companies, and more. The module uses that capability of a modern smart phone to allow for faster response times, improved responder safety, increased scene/resource management, and improve logistics by utilizing advanced functionality such as: user statuses, map locations, and accountability check ins.

How it works

Medical Package (Formerly w3Med)

If you are a small to medium sized medical practice in need of software tracking for your patients then you are in luck! Our medical package empowers medical professionals to document patient information, patient encounters, and patient scheduling. This suite provides a one stop shop for medical offices via an easy-to-use, single software solution.

Order Management Package

Streamline order processing by automating processes from sales quote to order fulfillment. Create orders using our cloud-based point-of-sale or via purchase order. Manage products and sell via multiple sales channel. EDI integrated with an industry leading EDI service provider, enabling your business to partner with any retailers and warehouses. Shipping carrier integrated with address validation, cost estimation, tracking, and label generation. Associated order paperwork/requests are automatically generated including PO acknowledgement, invoice, packing list, manufacturer request, warehouse fulfillment request, shipping request, and more. Automatically triggered notifications at each step of the process.

Developer Documentation

Scheduling Package (Formerly w3Scheduler)

Our comprehensive scheduling suite is designed to automate scheduling for a variety of settings. It is currently utilized by medical offices, first responder agencies, personal trainers, yoga studios, and more! It offers a means of tracking who is working, on what days, and at what locations. Coupled with advanced automation, trading shifts and estimating future events or classes has never been easier!

Custom Package (w3CloudCRM)

We have over 25 active modules being used by a variety of clientele. Contact us today with to see what combination of modules can help your company function more efficiently, decrease overhead, and more through the power of software automation!