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picture of a breakfast and lunch website

Client: Kettle Breakfast & Lunch
Client Industry: Food & Beverage
Website Goal: Web Design
Business Type: Business to Customer
Target Audience: People looking to go out to eat breakfast or lunch.
Services Provided: Responsive Web Design, SEO, WordPress Platform, Professional Email Accounts, Google My Business Profile Management


Their company’s domain name had expired and was snatched by a spam company who purchases pre-existing/expiring domain names just to display ads across your website. They not only needed a new website, but a new domain name as well. This new domain also had to be updated on their Google My Business Profile so that customer would go to the correct website with the most recent content. The owners also needed a website redesign. They specifically requested a unique design that stood out amongst some of the local eatery’s’ website.


The nerds at w3 immediately assisted with purchasing a new domain name for their business’ new website to be developed on. Kettle’s website was then developed using modern web practices and a cutting-edge design. The owners at Kettler are extremely happy with the redesigned website and state, “it was even better than I thought… I knew you where the right team for the job!” Thank you Kettle! We are glad you are happy with your new website.

screenshot of the website prior to redevelopment
screenshot of the website after redevelopment